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What movement of art would you consider <image 1> to be?

(A) Neoclassical

(B) Baroque

(C) Renaissance

(D) Rococo

Answer with the option's letter from the given choices directly. No punctuation.


Expected Answer: A

Difficulty: Easy

Subfield: Drawing and Painting

Explanation: Answer: Neoclassical The 'Oath of the Horatii' by Jacques-Louis David in1785. A style in European art and architecture from the mid 18th century until the end of the 19th century. Based as it was on the use of ancient Greek and Roman models and motifs, its development was greatly influenced by the excavations at Pompeii and Herculaneum, and by the theories of the German art historian Johann Joachim Winckelmann (1717-1768). Intellectually and politically it was closely linked to the Enlightenment's rejection of the aristocratic frivolity of Rococo, the style of the Ancien Régime. Among Neoclassicism's leading figures were the French painter Jacques-Louis David (1744-1825), the German painter Anton Raffael Mengs (1728-1729), and the Italian sculptor Antonio Canova (1757-1822).


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February 14, 2024