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What policy recommendations would you make based on this?

Based on the data presented, a few policy recommendations could be considered:

  1. Examine what factors have enabled the high rate of homebuilding in Texas cities compared to California, and see if any learnings can be applied in California and other high-cost states to increase housing supply. This could include looking at differences in zoning regulations, permitting processes, development fees, etc.

  2. Consider measures to incentivize construction of more affordable housing types like multi-family units, which can be built at higher densities than single-family homes. This may require changes to zoning to allow higher density development in more locations.

  3. Explore policies to help make homebuilding more cost-effective, such as streamlining permitting, reducing impact fees for affordable projects, providing density bonuses, etc. Lowering development costs could help spur more construction.

  4. Ensure an adequate supply of land is zoned and available for residential development to enable homebuilding to meet demand. Expanding urban growth boundaries selectively could open up more land.

  5. Look at demand-side solutions as well, such as down payment assistance programs to help more households afford homeownership even as prices rise.

Of course, any policy changes would require careful study of local market conditions and engagement with stakeholders. A balanced set of solutions to expand housing access and affordability is likely needed. But enabling more homebuilding, especially of affordable types, seems crucial to address these large home price increases many cities are experiencing.


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March 6, 2024