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Read the paragraph below regarding <image 1> and then answer the questions that follow. Elizabeth Catlett's sculpture tells a warm and tender story. It is a story of the unbreakable bond that unites a mother and her child. Like a good storyteller, Catlett is economical in her use of imagery. There are no visual frills or adornments, no reliance on gaudy color or superfluous detail. There is little more than fluidity of line and grace. Yet the sculpture speaks volumes about the deepest and most profound of all human relationships. Personification is a literary device in which human qualities are ascribed to a nonhuman subject. Which statement best captures the personification in the passage?

(A) The bond between mother and child is described as unbreakable.

(B) A sculpture is described as speaking.

(C) The artist is described as a storyteller.

(D) A sculpture is without frills.

Answer with the option's letter from the given choices directly. No punctuation.


Expected Answer: B

Difficulty: Easy

Subfield: Sculpture


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February 14, 2024