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Understanding the various causes of psychological disorders is a central focus of research in psychology. Further, clinical psychologists must consider factors that influence the incidence rate and characteristics of clinical populations that they treat. The following graphs depict data from a study by L. R. Snowden and F. K. Cheung, who examined demographic differences in the incidence rate of schizophrenia. The first figure shows the percentage rates for schizophrenia diagnosis among individuals admitted for psychiatric care who classified themselves as"African American," White," "Hispanic American," or "Asian American and other." <image 1> The following graph shows the percentage rates for mood disorder diagnosis among individuals admitted for psychiatric care, by the same ethnicity classifications. <image 2> Based on psychological research investigating the causes of schizophrenia, which of the following is NOT true?

(A) Schizophrenia has a genetic component that can be inherited from biological parents, but genetic factors alone cannot account for the development of the disorder.

(B) The production and activity of specific chemical substances in the brain have been found to be associated with schizophrenia.

(C) Environmental factors contribute to the development of schizophrenia.

(D) A person has a 100% chance of developing schizophrenia if both of his or her parents have schizophrenia.

Answer with the option's letter from the given choices directly. No punctuation.


Expected Answer: D

Difficulty: Medium

Subfield: Abnormal Psychology


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February 14, 2024